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What is TV Teams?



TV Teams has been set up to offer Production Companies an alternative way to search for Freelancers in the TV industry. The site has been designed to provide a service to not only our Freelance members but also our Company Members.

Having worked for over 10 yrs as a Production Manager/Unit Manager, founder Cath Tudor had the idea to set up TV Teams. It was created after years of frustration whilst crewing up on productions, especially when last minute!! Plus knowing the fear of advertising jobs, and then being inundated with applicants, most of which are unsuitable. TV Teams is now a place which provides companies with a quick and easy, hassle-free way of looking for Freelancers.

We believe strongly that one of the most important factors of making a sucessful production, is the having the right Team on board - from the Runners to the Series Producers. Without the correct individuals with the relevant skills / experience and attitude, you can be heading for another nightmare production!!!

The TV Industry is getting more and more adventurous and demanding, which is making life tougher on Production Companies. With budgets and schedules getting tighter, it's now more than ever that Production Companies need the right people on their teams, to be able to succeed and deliver the best shows /programmes they possibly can, both on time and on budget!


We are currently just specialising in the Bristol, Cardiff and London areas.




We provide a platform for all Freelancers (Crew/Team) working in the TV industry to register their CV's ("Profiles") online, enabling companies to view their "Profiles" at anytime and in return easing their way to finding a steady flow of work.


The site will give all our Members the freedom to search for jobs online and apply instantly via their TV teams account. ALL registered Members will be set up with their own Inbox, allowing them to stay in touch with their friends in the industry plus a whole load of Production Companies.


TV Teams goal is to be known by Production Companies & Freelancers as a site which has the largest database of the very Best and most Talented Freelancers in the TV Industry.

That’s why the search engines on this site are geared up to primarily display results on order of TV Skills & Reference Checks, making the task of trawling through 'CV's' much quicker. You can clearly see the individuals TV Skills, by the TV Icons lit on their 'Profile'. Plus each Member who has been Reference Checked by TV Teams, will be high-lighted on the site. This will again save time,as you don't have to waste valuable time opening and closing every single "Profile".


We're different for one main reason, we offer all of our Freelance and Company Members a service. We are not a site about clocking up members only to bombard employers with applicants whenever a job is displayed on the Jobs Board. We make sure companies only get the Freelancers who have the required experience and skills required plus are available for the dates requested. This then saves you time thrawling through unsuitable applications/CV's, calling round checking availability and dealing with any applicants.

TV Teams is a unique website, aiming at building a database of Talented and Skilled individuals working in the TV industry. This will enable all Production Companies to search for specific skills and experience to suit their production requirements.

We are one of the only sites who identify and show off our Members Skills/Talents and Acheievements for all others to view. This is done to give those searching for the right team/crew members, added confidence.


We request all Members supply the names and details of two references (which must be from two of their most recent jobs, so they are up to date and relevant to their current job position). For all those who have provided names and have been approved via our TV Teams 'Reference Check', they are identified by their ‘Profiles’ being high-lighted in green on the search results pages.


We also have a unique 'TV Skills' rating procedure, which outlines 6 Key factors related to Skill and Experience in the industry. They are as follows :

Worked for 12 months+ in current position   Worked for 12 months+ in current position
Full driving licence   Full driving licence
Experience of Foreign Filming   Experience of Foreign Filming
Self Shooting Experience for TX Only   Self Shooting Experience for TX Only
Health and Safety certificate   Health and Safety certificate
Industry Award(s)   Industry Award(s)